BenQ PW01U Interactive Pen for Interactive Projector

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The BenQ PointWrite™ technology features multi-people collaboration allowing up to 4 students to co-work simutaneously. With 1-second auto calibration and fast writing response time, BenQ PointWrite™ is effortless to set up with BenQ ultra short-throw projector and ensures an ultra smooth, interruption-free writing experience.

PointWrite Camera Module -
PointWrite Pen -
PointWrite Camera Module
Compatible Projector MX852UST/MW853UST
Technology Infrared 850nm
Multi Pen Supported Up to 4 Touch Points(Pen/Finger)
Refresh Rate 60 Frames/Sec
Calibration Auto/ Manual16 points
Calibration Accuracy Max 2pixels
Dual Screen Calibration Yes
Connector 5 pin connector
PC USB Type USB 2.0
Working Area Max 120"
USB Cable Distance Max 15meter (5meter USB cable + Repeater)
PointWrite Pen
Battery Type 1.5v 3A Battery x2
Dimension 84.3*31.7*23.8mm
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