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We are welcoming our visitors for finding the best shredder Accessories in UAE. Our range of shredders is extensively exclusive ranging from small to commercial grade shredders. We are showcasing Best Shredders on our website that will assist you against business identity theft and fraud. Our huge variety of shredder includes Rexel Shredders, Fellowes Shredders, HSM, Dahle shredders, IDEAL Shredders and other branded shredders in UAE.

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  1. Rexel Shredder RXLSHRCX25 CX 25-36 Cross Cut
  2. Rexel Mercury RES1523 Strip Cut Shredder
  3. Rexel RLWS35 Wide Entry Strip Cut Shredder
  4. Rexel Shredder RXLSHRREM820 REM 820 Micro Cut
  5. Fellowes AutoMax™ 300C Cross Cut Shredder
  6. Fellowes AutoMax™ 200C Cross Cut Shredder
  7. Fellowes AutoMax™ 130C Cross Cut Shredder
  8. Ideal 2465CC 2 x 15 mm Cross Cut Shredder
  9. Ideal 2465CC - 4 x 40 mm Cross Cut Shredder
  10. IDEAL 2465 / 4 mm Strip Cut Shredder
  11. Ideal 2445MC - 0.8 x 12 mm Micro Cut Shredder
  12. IDEAL 2445CC / 2 x 15 mm Cross Cut Shredder
  13. Ideal 4005 CC - 4 x 40 Cross Cut shredder
  14. IDEAL 4005 CC / 2 x 15 mm Cross Cut shredder
  15. Dahle 40430 Micro Cross Cut Shredder
  16. Fellows Powershred 46Ms Micro-Cut Shredder
  17. Fellowes 450Ms Powershred Micro Cut Shredder
  18. Fellows 70S Powershred Strip Cut Shredder
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Items 1-30 of 150